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Breakfast Club

Our school Breakfast Club runs from 7:30-8:30am each day, with breakfast served between 7:30 and 8am. The Club is based at the Junior School, but is open to pupils from either school. Each session costs  £4, whether breakfast is taken or not. The children are able to choose 2 items along with a drink. 

A typical breakfast offered consists of a choice of cereals, toast, jam or marmalade, waffles, scotch pancakes, crumpets, fresh fruit, milk, juice or water. 

Pre-booking of places is required, although a small number of places are available each day for emergency childcare. Payment must be made in advance and no refunds can be given if children do not attend on any day they are booked in for. For emergency childcare, payment will be taken on arrival. The school has registered with a childcare voucher scheme and are able to accept these vouchers in payment. Responsibility for your child/ren will not commence until they have been signed in by their parent/carer. 

We accept children from Year R upwards. At 8:30am all infant age children will be walked over to the infant school ready to start their day, while junior age children will be allowed out on to the junior playground where a teacher will be supervising.

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