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Governance Structure and Remit

Below are the committees into which the Governing Body is structured. Click on the committee title to view attendance.

Body or committee Chair(s) Remit
Full Governing Body

Dr Sarah Burrows

Oversight of governance of the school, holding the Head Teacher and Leadership of the school to account

Pupil Progress and Standards Committee Karin Tillett Oversight of standards in the quality of teaching and learning, achievement and progress of pupils and the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum provided.
Finance Committee Ben Cooke Oversight of finance of the school along with systems and procedures to ensure financial probity, staffing and ensuring school is managing the budget effectively.
Pay Panel Ben Cooke To work with Head Teacher to determine teacher/ staff pay awards as appropriate as part of annual appraisal review process.
Head Teachers Appraisal Panel Dr Sarah Burrows To manage the annual appraisal and review process for the Head Teacher